About Us

Raw Cut is known for combining creative visuals with rigorous storytelling and journalistic integrity; values forged from working with some of the most sensitive organisations across the country.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build trusting relationships. Working together to tell great stories and produce dynamic, creative and compelling television. We have always worked at the cutting edge of technology, being early adopters and innovators in the field.

An independent and forward-thinking production company we also have our own distribution and archive companies.

Based in the heart of London we enjoy working with the very best people in the industry to ensure we can make truly ground-breaking programmes together.

What do we produce?
With hundreds of hours of programmes broadcast by all the major British channels we are the industry leader in crime documentary ‘blue light’ programmes. Our experience in working with the emergency services has given us a love of making hard won access documentaries for a wide and loyal TV audience. This year winning the prestigious Royal Television Society award for Best Single Documentary.

We also produce current affairs, history, features and cross genre series including feature documentaries. On top of this we work closely with clients to make high-end corporate films, wherever there's a good story we'll be there.

To find out more about the programmes we produce please click on the productions tab above, but why not take a look at our showreel here. If you are interested in our corporate films, please get in touch for more information.

What is our history?
Raw Cut was formed in 2002 by Bill Rudgard and Steve Warr. The Company was set up to produce Road Wars which soon became our first ‘hit’ and is still on-air. Bill left the company after 15 years having seen the company grow from its humble origin to the multi programme – multi series producer and distributor it is today.

What do we distribute?
The majority of our programmes are sold through Raw Cut Distribution and can be seen across the world including North America, Europe, the Far East and Australia. To find out more click on our distribution link above.

What's in our archive library?
Raw Cut Archive is home to one of the largest libraries of crime and police related clips in the country. In addition to thrilling and chilling CCTV it also houses comical clips of animal blunders and bloopers.

We license this this footage for TV programmes and we also purchase footage from individuals and institutions. So, if you are seeking content or you have captured some TV gold on your ‘phone and you want us to buy or represent it – click the archive link.