Who’s Who

Bill Rudgard
Co-founder and Managing Director

Bill, together with Steve Warr, established Raw Cut in 2002 with Road Wars – the popular police show that ran for 7 years. Since then Bill has led the company’s growth in archive management and the creation of corporate partnerships. With a background in feature films like Chariots of Fire and Flash Gordon, Bill is always able to bring the drama out in factual programmes.

When Bill isn’t spearheading Raw Cut’s diversification he can be found developing new ideas with the team or exec producing on Raw Cut’s latest projects.

Claire Walker
Head of Production

Having first joined Raw Cut in 2008, Claire has worn every hat on the production management rack. Trusting that a good company, is all about having good people around you. Stepping up to HoP in 2013, Claire has seen first-hand how small companies have the ability to foster talent and make a difference. She believes in giving people a chance and working collaboratively to produce great TV that punches above its weight; With a love of logic, organisation and workflows Claire can often be found with her head in a spreadsheet, and feels, much like the great white shark, Excel is just a misunderstood creature!

Tom Randall
Development Producer

Tom has worked around the world as a director and a Journalist, contributing to films for every major UK television channel. His key credits include - The Great British Benefits Hotel and The Spy Who Came In From Al-Qaeda. For both his Exposure films: Charities Behaving Badly and Undercover Colleges, Tom took these from original conception development, commissioning and saw them through to broadcast. At Raw Cut, Tom’s skills of coming up with great ideas and securing difficult access are being put to use.

Zio Hancock
Technical Manager

Zio started working at Raw Cut TV in early 2016 after nearly 7 years working on the technical side of TV documentary production. Running the gamut from shows such ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ to ‘The Model Agency’ to ‘Operation Ouch’. Zio now works on police docs like the ever exciting ‘Police Interceptors’ and the sobering ‘The Murder of Sadie Hartley’.

Steve Warr
Co-founder and Managing Director

Steve set up Raw Cut with Bill Rudgard as a place to be able to tell dynamic and compelling stories on television. As a former Fleet Street journalist and current affairs producer on shows like The Cook Report and Police, Camera, Action Steve brings a journalistic edge to popular programming. Having been the first producer to mix police video with observational documentary with X-Cars for BBC 1, Steve and Bill have grown the company to become specialists in hard-won access and in particular crime related programming. Steve executive produces across a range of projects from long running BBC Daytime Series to single films for Channel 4.

Richard Jeffs
Business Affairs and Distribution

Richard has worked with Raw Cut since the first commission of “Road Wars”. He is currently in charge of looking after Business Affairs and the distribution of Raw Cut programmes internationally. Richard started his career in BBC Radio, and after working in America, worked in ITV and with many independent production companies. Richard contributes to the Raw Cut Archive and has a long experience in Clip and Archive licensing with many libraries, including working with Raw Cut’s new project associate ISKRA TV.

Georgia Jasper
Development Assistant Producer

Georgia came to Raw Cut from Optomen where she was a skilled development researcher writing for all the major broadcasters. With previous experience working on shows such as Timecrashers (Channel 4), The John Bishop Show (BBC One) and Weekend (ITV), Georgia brings a fresh, popular look to Raw Cut ideas.
When she’s not writing proposals she can be found shooting and editing teasers, and putting her biscuit-eating skills to good use.

Gregg Lopez
Archive Manager

Gregg comes to Raw Cut from the US where he was part of the independent film and comedy scenes in Los Angeles. Besides handling the licensing and acquisition for the Raw Cut Archive, Gregg administers Raw Cut’s social media as well as acting as producer and presenter for our YouTube entity the Raw Crime Channel.

Dee Kahlon
Head of Development

Dee spent ten years working across development and productions like Cutting Edge films The Girls Who Were Found Alive and popular series like the Emmy award winning Brat Camp and Gareth Malone’s Extraordinary School For Boys. She came to Raw Cut in 2011 as a development producer, and was promoted to Head of Development a few years later.
Dee now leads the development team coming up with exciting propositions for all the major UK broadcasters.

Pat Kennedy
Accounts Manager

After learning the accounts trade in the commercials sector, Pat saw the error in her ways and moved over to the television side of things where she has stayed ever since.
Always working for independent producers, Pat has been ensuring people get paid on all sides of the globe.
Working on shows from Neighbourhood Blues, to Kennedy’s Suicide Bomber to Afghan Army Girls – Pat works across a broad range of programmes.

Duncan Butler
Editor in Training

Duncan began at Raw Cut in 2014 as a data wrangler, and endeavoured to become an editor from day one. Working on just about every show the company has produced in that time, he now delicately hones his craft as an offline editor, working with those around him to develop his style and to set up a fruitful career in television.

Amie Samba

Amie joined Raw Cut from working in theatre where she was involved in the day-to-day running of shows. Amie keeps the office running smoothly and supports a number of productions including Police Interceptors and Neighbourhood Blues.