Road Wars
ROAD WARS follows three elite units from Devon and Cornwall Police: the Road Crime Unit, the Tactical Aid Group and the Dog Squad. From high speed pursuits to drugs hauls, these teams are no strangers to taking on some of the country’s most wanted.
Series Producer
  • Michael O'Neill
Series VII 20 x 60mins Series VI 20 x 60mins Series V 20 x 60mins Series IV - I 30 x 60mins

Road Wars

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In Road Wars, the unexpected is always just around the corner.

Over seven years, Road Wars has captured the extraordinary work of some of Britain's most elite units. Series VII follows Devon and Cornwall Police's Road Crime Unit, Dog Squad and Tactical Aid Group.

Series VI to I documents the lives of Thames Valley's Pro Active Team, including such characters as Pat and Carl and Chris and Simon, as well as the Dog Unit.

Road Wars also features the best videos from Britain’s other Police Forces and amazing CCTV footage from around the world, showcasing the most unbelievable crashes, crimes and dangerous driving caught on camera.