About Us

We are a media company with our fingers in lots of pies; production, distribution and archive.

We pride ourselves on our ability to originate and produce dynamic, creative and compelling TV content.

Raw Cut is known for combining creative invention with rigorous storytelling and journalistic integrity – values forged in working with some of the most sensitive organisations.

We’re a forward-thinking company and are currently working with a large team of creative people. We invite the very best people in the industry to come to us with their ideas, so that we can make some truly ground-breaking programmes together.

What do we produce?
Since our inception in 2002 we have made hundreds of hours of programmes for all the major broadcasters. We are an industry leader in making blue light programmes. We love making hard won access documentaries, and current affairs, history documentaries and playing with cross genre projects... we also have a feature documentary in production too! We work closely with clients to make high-end corporate films. Wherever there's a good story we'll be there.

What do we distribute?
Our programmes are distributed by a clever man called Richard and licensed to North America, Europe, the Far East and Australia.

What's in our archive library?
Gregg, the archive manager, has everything under the sun in our archive library from cop chases to animal blunders. We licence this footage to be used in other programmes and we also purchase footage from people and institutions. So if you're looking for a clip for your latest show or you've got some TV gold on your phone and you want us to buy or represent it - take a look at our archive link on the home page.

What programmes do we make?
To find out more please click on the productions tab above, but why not take a look at our showreel.